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Posted on May 7, 2019

Since 2008 I work at Axinom, a company that creates solutions for in-flight entertainment and online streaming. In my role as advisor I deal with a wide range of topics including:

I am the maintainer of the prometheus-net metrics library, which I use in my daily work. Prometheus is a great solution for monitoring and metrics that often I use in order to obtain a deep understanding of the information systems I work with.

On my free time, I enjoy consuming books and practice cycling and archery. I believe the future of humanity is in the wide open spaces between planets and am an avid fan of the heavy-lift spaceflight industry that can open the door to our destiny. I wish I could contribute more to that industry but it falls rather far from my skillset so I remain a bystander.

This website is a collection of thoughts that I feel like sharing, thoughts that may prove useful to someone. The set of topics is fairly arbitrary, though I try to curate it a bit for easy readability.

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