Sander Saares

Sander Saares

First and foremost a product creator, having been the architect and technical lead for several innovative products.

Expert in modern video streaming technologies, with focus on:

  • Content security and DRM on both the client and server side
  • Design and implementation of content processing workflows
    • Using open source and commercial toolchains
    • Creating new tools to fill gaps in available functionality

Familiar with modern DevOps practices in cloud and on premise, including:

  • Azure Pipelines
  • GitHub Workflows
  • Docker containers
  • Prometheus & Grafana

Maintainer of the prometheus-net open source library for instrumenting .NET apps with metrics.

Contributor to DASH-IF, an industry association that defines interoperability guidelines and specifications for modern media streaming technologies.

Solid understanding of computer networks, including multicast deployments and custom network protocol design.

Extensive experience with C# development on all versions of the .NET platform, including .NET Core; working familiarity with C+ +, Python, PowerShell, Go, WPF, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, NuGet, gRPC, OData, SQL Server, Azure, Packer, Vagrant and other technologies